Who We Serve...

We serve business owners, high-achieving entrepreneurial women, and families  to protect their assets while preserving their legacy and wealth for their loved ones.

Business Startup Planning

Serving business owners and high-achieving entrepreneurial women who are just getting started up or operating a professional practice, and wants to make sure s/he is fully set up for maximum success with the right amount of legal planning, insurance protection, financial systems and tax strategies in place.

Business Audit Planning

For the entrepreneurial who isn’t just building a business, but an empire with multiple revenue streams, and desires full personal and entity level asset protection, plus consistent leadership support in ensuring the entire empire is fully optimized for maximum impact with minimal risk.

Business Strategy Planning

You want to make sure your business is on track for maximum success with the strategic guidance necessary to make quick decisions correctly, and with all the right structures and systems in place to minimize risk and maximize return on investment of time, energy, attention and money.

Life & Legacy Planning

Life & Legacy planning (commonly known as estate planning) becomes a family to-do as soon as a child is born, or even conceived.  Similarly, legacy and succession planning becomes a business owner's to-do as soon as a business is formed, or even when a business idea is conceived.

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Our Firm...

How Our Firm Is Different

Explaining to you how we’re different requires an explanation of what the “traditional” experience with a lawyer is like...

Our Why?

Before we talk about how we might be able to work together, we want you to know a little bit about us, our practice, and how we came to focus on supporting business owners, high-achieving entrepreneurial women, and families...

What to Expect During Your Life & Legacy Session

Estate plans determine how resources will be deployed for surviving family members in a way that is life-giving, thoughtful, conscientious, and kind...

Our Notes...

Five Reasons Business Owners Need Estate Plans

Suppose that tragedy strikes? You, as a business owner, are in a car accident and are severely injured or killed, leaving you unable to make decisions or care for yourself and your family. What will happen to your business in such a situation? We do not know what tomorrow holds. Circumstances like this can happen to anyone at any time. Consequently, business owners must proactively develop robust estate plans. Check out five reasons why business owners need an estate plan.


LLC Formation Checklist

Here are the first 10 steps that you should take as a business owner when forming your business legal entity as a limited liability company.


Why Your LLC Needs An Operating Agreement

Congratulations! You have decided to form a limited liability company (LLC) to run your business. After completing your state formation process, your LLC needs to have the right documentation in place. An operating agreement, sometimes called a company agreement, is a legal document that describes and outlines how an LLC will run, and is an essential document for owning and operating an LLC. Operating agreements are not required in most states; however, that should not dissuade you from creating one. Having an operating agreement can provide your business with many benefits and can help you avoid significant problems.


Five Considerations Before You Use a Payment Demand Letter

As a business owner, it is almost guaranteed that you will encounter some variation of the following scenario: You engaged a client and completed fantastic work. The products the client desired were delivered on time with practically no issues. To request the money the client agreed to pay you, you send an invoice or a bill. Unfortunately, your invoice is met with no response. You try again. Still, there is no response. You try a third time and are ignored again. It is then clear that your client has no intention of satisfying the balance. What should you do?


Who Is Serving You?

Michele is the founding attorney of The Hyndman Group, PLLC (“THG”), a South Florida-based law firm serving small businesses and families in New York, the United States Virgin Islands, and Florida.  With more than 15 years of providing tax compliance and advisory services to small and medium sized closely-held businesses in the United States and Canada, Michele has transitioned and focused her practice on supporting and serving small business owners, including high-achieving entrepreneurial women, and helping families.

In her role at THG, Michele specializes in supporting and advising business owners and families on business, tax, and estate planning solutions.  Such solutions include choice of business entity, designing business entity structures, implementing tax minimization strategies, and educating individuals on the importance of creating and maintaining an estate plan that works if the business owner or family member should become incapacitated or when such individual passes on.

Michele has held positions in various “Big Four” accounting firms as a tax consultant, including a “Big Four” accounting firm in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  She has provided legal tax advice while working in a boutique tax law firm and has focused on tax treaty issues while working in a premier tax law publishing company. Michele also interned with the United States Congress Joint Committee on Taxation.

Currently, Michele serves as General Counsel to She Has A Deal, LLC (“She Has a Deal”) and sits on the executive board of directors of the SHaD Project, LLC (“SHaD Project”).  She Has a Deal is an annual hotel pitch competition and conference that creates new pathways to hotel ownership and development for women.  SHaD Project is a non-for-profit that specializes in educating women on hotel investing, acquisition, and development.

Michele obtained her LL.M. in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, her Juris Doctor from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in Cleveland, Ohio, and her Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics-Economics from Columbia University in the City of New York.  Michele is currently a member of, and maintains her law practice license with, the New York State Bar, the U.S. Virgin Islands Bar, and the U.S. Tax Court; and she is currently awaiting admission to the Florida State Bar.

Michele is single and enjoys playing golf, kayaking, and socializing with family and friends.